Young at Being Old

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I always panic when watching the Joy of Painting

Bob Ross will have painted this like beautiful mountain scenery or something and then he’ll be like “let’s put some happy little trees in front” and smear a huge dark green line on top of the beautiful painting and I’ll be like “NO BOB YOU’RE GOING TO RUIN IT” but then it suddenly turns into amazing trees

and then he’ll say something like “it’s a bit too dark, let’s lighten it up a bit” and smear white paint all over the bottom and I’ll be like “NO BOB THAT’S GOING TO LOOK AWFUL DON’T RUIN THE TREES YOU JUST PERFECTED” and then it somehow turns into an actual snowbank even though it looks like he’s just painting wherever but it just turns out PERFECTLY EVERY TIME but I never believe this can happen even though it happens every time.

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